Photo: Charlotte Sverdrup
Photo: Charlotte Sverdrup


World of Kjetil Trædal Thorsen

Even highly creative people have to go back to the well every once in a while. Norwegian architect Kjetil Trædal Thorsen picks six places he always returns to for inspiration.

Picasso’s Guernica, Madrid

I saw it in an annex to the Prado ­Museum in Madrid. One of my life’s greatest art experiences.

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Olafur Eliasson is one of Scandinavia’s most acclaimed contemporary ­artists. His exhibition Riverbed is currently on display at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. A profound experience.

San Francisco

Where we’re designing the new Modern Museum of Art.

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Picasso’s Guernica and San Francisco

Doge's Palace in Venice

I never tire of the Doge’s Palace in Venice, the world’s first modernist building, and to think it opened in 1424.

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Central Park in New York

Simply because it’s amazing they’ve been able to keep the park in the city. My guess is the city had to fight for it.

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A new high-rise in Oslo

We’re all used to interpreting a facade by the rows of windows. But if you can’t see the floor divisions clearly, it becomes radically different.

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Doge's Palace, Central Park in New York and Oslo high-rise.

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