There is plenty of space at Stockholm’s Central Post Office

The needs of the business community continue to evolve, with most companies these days requiring flexible workspace that meets their changing needs. With 17 000 sqm of flexible space, Stockholm’s Central Post Office is ideally suited to serve companies both big and small.

Stockholm’s Central Post Office where 7A has taken over 17 000 sqm.Located just a stone’s throw from Central Station, Stockholm’s iconic Central Post Office was designed by one of the city’s most prominent architects, Ferdinand Boberg, and opened just after the turn of the last century, in 1903. It remained home to the Post Office until 2004, when the Swedish National Property Agency took control and leased its 30 000 sqm of space to government offices. While some government offices remain located in the building, leading Swedish property management company 7A has now taken over 17 000 sqm of the available space, making it one of the largest commercial rental properties in the city – and 7A has a unique vision for the space.
“The bones of the building are amazing,” explains Fredrik Hultman, CEO of 7A. “We had a lot of time to plan what we wanted to do with the space, so it was very simple when we gained access to go in and make it beautiful. It was almost like moving into Stockholm City Hall – everything was already there, and we simply needed to dress it.”

Hultman says that because people today work in a variety of ways, it was important to ensure that the space offers the flexibility companies require, regardless of size. Some companies might need co-working space, where they have their own office or offices, but share common kitchen and lounge areas. Other companies want part of a floor or an entire floor with their own entrance. Given the size of the space, the Central Post Office is able to offer the flexibility companies of all sizes want.
“At 7A, we understand that companies today have a lot of different needs,” says Hultman. “And at the Central Post Office we can match the locale with the needs of our tenants because we aren’t interested in just signing a multi-year contract and never seeing them again until it’s time to renew. 

Fredrik Hultman, CEO at 7A.

“We want to make sure their needs are met in the space, whether that’s growth or even a reduction in space. We will make it work for them – we can guarantee an expansion – and we can even put that in the contract. Additionally, because the building is exempt from VAT, we welcome companies that are also exempt from VAT.”

"At the Central Post Office we can match the locale with the needs of our tenants"

Ten thousand sqm of space at the Post Office will be made available to larger companies, while 4 000 sqm are for co-working spaces.  The remaining 3 900 sqm will be made available for conferences, congresses, banquets, and other large events. An on-site restaurant will initially cater to tenants before opening to the public and will also be available to cater on-site events. 

Stockholm is a fast-growing city that continues to struggle with available and flexible office space. With its unique downtown location in an area of the city that is currently undergoing a renaissance, the Central Post Office is going to have a big impact on the city.

“There is only so much space available in the city,” says Hultman. “Having a space like this just across the street from Stockholm’s main communication hub, Central Station, is a rarity. And since we can change the interior to suit any requirements, we’re poised to offer something unique while accommodating our customer’s needs.”

 For more info, go to: 7a.se.

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